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Jetzt neu: Musik-Dokumentation „Syrian Metal is War“

Seit 2013 hat Monzer Darwish an seiner Dokumentation über die Metal-Szene in Syrien gearbeitet, genau heute vor vier Jahren startete er mit dem Crowdfunding für das Langzeitprojekt. Jetzt ist „Syrian Metal is War“ endlich fertig, anderthalb Stunden lang geworden und frei zugänglich auf YouTube oben.

„Thank you all for your unrelenting support since I started this project a little over four years ago. This film is intended to shed light and preserve the memories of metal artists and fans in war-torn Syria. It was filmed between mid-2013 and late 2014. The film is in no means extensive; it was filmed with a mobile phone and DSLR. Production, travelling, filming, and editing were minimal and utilized DIY methods.

It was a personal endeavour and hence naturally limited to my own resources. The footage and project traveled with me across continents, starting in Syria and following through to Algeria, Turkey, Greece, and the Netherlands. I carried it with me while applying for asylum, and it kept me going despite being entirely depleted of both will and resources to continue. Sam Zamrik believed in the project since its conception and its possible effects in bringing exposure to this small, down-trodden Syrian community. He worked on the linguistic presentation of the film, including interviews, translations, and creative writing. Through crowd funding efforts, our friends in Switzerland managed to raise enough money for gear to edit and actually finish the film.

Having finalized the film, my intent was to submit it to international festivals, since they would bring the most exposure to the artists. The intended runtime was two hours, but, having to accommodate festivals standards, I cut that to an hour and a half. Despite doing that, it wasn’t accepted. After several tries, I decided to bring the film to its audience; those who are truly interested, who have donated and supported us, and those in the film themselves.

The film is now on YouTube. It is accessible to everyone for free. It now belongs to you and what you make of it. Having said that, we will be wholeheartedly accepting donations to the film, as opposed to ticket sales or any revenue.“ (Monzer Darwish)


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Blondie vs. Philip Glass – Heart of Glass

Letztens in meinem Spotify-Wochenmix, vorher noch auf dem „The Handmaid`s Tale“-Soundtrack. Ich lasse das mal hier:

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