Crosspost: An open letter to FEMEN

via Muslim Women against FEMEN

via Muslim Women against FEMEN

This is the open letter to FEMEN from April Reilly which was published yesterday, and the publishers were so kind to gave me permission to crosspost it. For more informations you can join their presence „Muslim women against FEMEN„.

For my german readers i still can recommend the Podcast of the public discussion between FEMEN Germany and the project e*vibes, who wrote an open letter to FEMEN a couple of weeks ago too: Here we go.


We understand that it’s really hard for a

lot of you white colonial “feminists” to believe, but- SHOCKER! – Muslim women and women of colour can come with their own autonomy, and fight back as well! And speak out for themselves! Who knew?

We are proud Muslimahs, and we’re sick of your colonial, racist rubbish disguised as “women’s liberation”!

BECAUSE we are fed-up and tired of hearing from women of privilege perpetuating the stereotype that Muslim women, women of colour and women from the Global South are submissive, helpless and in need of western “progress”.

BECAUSE it is these kinds of colonial attitudes that commit more harm than good, so stop trying to kid us.

BECAUSE we are sick of the appropriation of our terms and our customs, done without our permission for whatever reason people see fit.

BECAUSE we don’t have to conform to your customs of protest to emancipate ourselves. Our religion does that for us already, thank you very much.

BECAUSE rubbing shoulders with far-right, racist and Islamophobic groups is just ANTI-FEMINIST beyond bounds, not to mention EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

BECAUSE you don’t really care about violence and harm being inflicted upon women, you only care about that when it is perpetrated by brown men with long beards who pray five times a day.

BECAUSE not all of us are white, skinny, physically non-disabled and willing to whip off our tops merely for press attention. Check yourselves before you go into the streets again.

BECAUSE we live in a messed up world, what with heteronormativity, white supremacy, empire, the class system and capitalism, but FEMEN are concerned most about contributing more to a climate of rampant Islamophobia instead. Take aim at male supremacy, not Islam. Your priorities are messed up.

So, next time you decide to take the crusade for global women’s liberation into your own hands, JUST REMEMBER that before FEMEN came along, there have been and will continue to be women all over the world dreaming and fighting for their own emancipation, and WE DON’T NEED YOU!



Sofia Ahmed, Student

April Reilly, Student

Ayesha Latif, Student

Zarah Sultana, Student

Sabeeha Mahmood, Photojournalist

Malia Bouattia, Student

Rabi’a Khatoon, Student

Sajidah Ali, Student

Zaira Ejaz, Student

Sumreen Rashid, Student

Shakira Akther, Black Students Officer at the University of East London

Sumaya Abdullahi, member of the Muslim Student’s Association at the university of Alberta

Fatma Musilma, Fellow of the Institute of Swimming Teachers and Coaches“

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5 Gedanken zu „Crosspost: An open letter to FEMEN

  1. […] Auf Shehadistan findet ihr einen „offenen Brief an Femen“ (engl.). „We are proud Muslimahs, and we’re sick of your colonial, racist rubbish disguised as “women’s liberation”!“ und das hat Gründe, weiterlesen hier. […]

  2. no sagt:

    danke für den hinweis, wichtige sache!
    aber ich hab auch eine frage: ich weiß nicht, obs an meinem englisch oder an anderweitigem fehlenden hintergrundwissen liegt, aber irgendwie versteh ich in dem absatz: „BECAUSE we don’t have to conform to your customs of protest to emancipate ourselves. Our religion does that for us already, thank you very much.“ den zweiten satz nicht… vllt kann mir irgendwer erklären, was damit gemeint ist?

  3. […] die Blusen nämlich auf und zeigen ihre Brüste. Gegen das Patriarchat, Prostitution und den Islam ähm, die Religion. Also eine zweite Emma-Auflage nur in […]

  4. […] und das ganze Prinzip von Femen selbst oberflächlich ist. Verkürzt und verknappt wird provoziert, bevormundigt und Rassismus gepflegt. So wurde gar mit Hakenkreuzen gegen Sexarbeit demonstriert und […]

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