Company is Coming! No Signs of Living in this House!

Ein Video mit guten Anregungen für den Großputz vor den Feiertagen.

„Carrie if you haven’t made your bed THROW IT AWAY, it’s too late to make it now!“

„I want this place looking like ‚Disney On Ice‘ in one minute!“

„Get rid of the couche, we can’t let people know we SIT!“

„It looks like 495… NOoOoOoORTH!!!!“

„The chairs need to be pushed in there CANNOT BE ANY SIGN OF LIVING IN THIS HOUSE!“

„Oh great! The pony shoe came off!“

„I want those pillows looking like microwave popcorn bags 3 minutes deep!“

„David, there are muffins on the counter!“

„This is a dish towel! We need a hand towel! What are we?!“

„I want this place looking like a new mediterranean fusion restaurant by noon!“

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