JorZine-Relaunch: Renovated Home for Middle East Metal

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Almost secretly and silently my esteemed colleagues from JorZine have shot a few days ago the completely new JorZine into space – and they are so modest that they would never get the idea to celebrate themselves just for some glittering web-minutes. As a member of JorZine, and, as I know that I always deserved the first price in the championship of idleness in this team (because I am the biggest slacker JorZine probably ever has seen, hell, yeah!), I know, that it’s at least my job now to lower my head respectfully and to say: Really really well done, bors. And I say bors, not bros, because I learned the lesson that we never will hang like involuntary banners in the wind.

Months of hard work, tricky programming, insomnia (and again, I was not involved, just for the record!), removing masses of data, blood, sweat, and no tears, and what all of you readers get in the end is a complete makeover with new special gadgets of the trusted side that serves Rock and Metal since 2006 and furthermore supports local music of the Middle East region like no webzine ever did.


The J-Team

Today I really have no desire to write for my German speaking readers some shit about “culture” or “diaspora”, or to cultivate another pseudo-anthropological move that usually disguises all the post-colonial perspectives on sub- and counter-culture “anywhere else”, or to emphasize how fascinating and interesting and special it is that there is Metal Music in Middle East too (puke), cause it is not, just for one of many simple reasons: It’s been there so long, and it always will be.

And when you want to know something, check the new web-presence, like JorZine on Facebook, or check music e.g. here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here, or listen to Acyl, one of my 2012 favorite releases, and if you are really rrrrreally diligent, get your ass up an check JorZine`s Band-List in detail.

Being a blogger for self-entertainment for a very long time, addicted to amusement, phases of consistently idle and the digital life in filter bubbles, the JorZine-Team at least brought me back to the idea what disciplined work and open minded thinking is. And I still hate Guns`n`Roses most of the time, and I still love Grunge and all the lone witnesses of that decade, and no matter how diverse our tastes are, the love for music holds us together, and so often we find compromises, and that’s what I love about JorZine, and that’s why I’m proud to join the team, and with you mates I will always feel like: This.

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