Rim Banna – Ya Jammal

„So that the texts do not get lost, we try to compose melodies for them that are modern.“

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  1. Ich sagte: „Bist du bei einem Arzt gewesen?“ Er sagte: „Ich war bei neunzig Ärzten.“ Großartsch! Shukran!

  2. kalua sagt:

    Mir tut es so leid, dass ich nichts verstehe 😦

    • shehadistan sagt:

      „The Jammal made my heart miserable
      When he chose to go
      I said, „Jammal, be patient“
      He said, „my patient has dried up“

      I said, „Jammal, what’s your destination ?“
      He said, „the desert of the south“
      I said, „what are you carrying with you ?“
      He said, „Arabic gum and essences“

      I said, „tell me what is your sickness“
      He said, „Longing for the one I love“
      I asked, „have you visited the healer ?“
      He said, „ninety healers“

      I said, „Jammal, take me with you“
      He said, „no, my burden is too heavy“
      I said. „Jammal, I will walk“
      He said, „no, my road is too long“

      I said, „I will walk one thousand years
      I will follow after your eyes“
      He said, „hey, little pigeon, bitter like myrrh
      is the living of the migrant“

      The Jammal made my heart miserable
      When he chose to go
      What he left behind are tears
      That stream over my cheeks.“

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